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fixed a error in "Parentheses around arguments in def" of Ruby. See issue #50 for more details. The convention was reset.
added coding convention for Ruby.
If there are something wrong in ruby convention or you want to see another coding convention Please leave issues on Github Issues. Because I'm not the rubist.
added "single quote vs double quotes" convention for JavaScript.
I made this site for proof of my concept at The GitHub Data Challenge II.
Amazing thing happened. This project placed in second on Data Challenge II Results and a lot of people like my idea.
So, I decided to serve as a service and aggregate more convention data continuously.
I reseted convention data at all and aggregate newly since old data structure isn't efficient and has some bugs.
And convention data can be reset sometimes when I found some bugs.

Please leave issues on Github if you have some problems or opinion.
Thank you for your interest.